A human cannonball of Electronic Sounds!

Welcome to the official website of Electronic Circus (formerly The Electronic Circus). Featuring founding member Chris Payne (ex Gary Numan, 'Fade to Grey' and Celtic Legend), Mike Stewart (Keyboards) and Dominique Hemard (Vocals/Keyboards).

STOP PRESS! Come and see us performing live at the ELECTRI_CITY Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 27th October, 2017. With special guest Katja von Kassel. 

Chris Payne will also be talking to Chi Ming Lai (The Electricity Club) alongside Zeus B Held.

Electronic CircuS: new album

due for release in June/July

You can hear excerpts here with videos coming soon.


We have decided to give away the original direct lines single. Hope you enjoy it?

GO TO DOWNLOADS To download the original 'Direct Lines'


Find out about the history behind (The) Electronic Circus

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