The Falling Tower

"It’s not often that a band takes 37 years to release their debut album, but that’s exactly what Chris Payne’s ELECTRONIC CIRCUS has done. It all started as a side project for the one-time Numan sideman who joined the former Gary Anthony James Webb for the recording of ‘The Pleasure Principle’ in 1979. " ... 

... "The Falling Tower’ title song acts as an acute warning to the looming collapse of western civilisation. To add further poignancy to the message, it is entirely sung in Esperanto by Dominique Hemard ... and its intention was to foster harmony between people from different countries". ...

.... "As the antithesis of all the vacuous EDM and beach mix nonsense that passes as electronic music these days, the ambitious neo-classical stylings of ‘The Falling Tower’ provide an intelligent and thoughtful listen, while also satisfying cravings for good melodies and timeless musicality". 

Extracts from The Electricity Club Review by Chi Ming Lai

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